Michigan’s schools can re-open safely.

The science and the data are clear:

So what’s standing in our kids’ way? 

Despite conclusive science and data highlighting the opportunity to safely reopen schools to give students the opportunity for in-person learning, hundreds of schools across Michigan remain shuttered, kids locked out of their classrooms – and a new study says school building closures are all about politics.

100 school districts – representing hundreds of individual schools – have ignored the science, the data, and experts’ advice and denied students even the option of in-person learning at the start of the 2020 school year.

According to a new study by the Michigan State University Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, “the decision on whether to offer at least some level of in-person learning had little relationship to the COVID-19 data in the region,” but was instead tied to partisan politics.  IPPSR found that parts of the state that strongly support the Governor’s political party are much less likely to offer in-person learning.

Tell Governor Whitmer:  Get politics out of education. My child deserves a smarter plan of action for school!